Neuropsychology in psychiatry – experiences and perspectives

Jiří Diamant


The article outlines the development of neuropsychology abroad and in our country, in the former Czechoslovakia, enriched by the experiences from work in neuropsychological laboratory in Psychiatric Centre at Heiloo, Netherlands. The state of neuropsychological diagnostic and ensuing rehabilitation of persons with brain afflictions is discussed and the influence of Alexander Romanovich Luria, who was one of the founders of both clinical and theoretical neuropsychology, is underlined. The author present the model of „a closed circle“ as a model of possible neuropsychological rehabilitation in psychiatry. The article concludes by outlining prospects of the field of neuropsychology.

(Fulltext in Czech)


neuropsychology, rehabilitation, brain


Diamant, J., Vašina, L. (1998). Kapitoly z neuropsychologie. Brno: Masarykova univerzita v Brně.

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