Hněv a jeho smysl: podněty k seberozvoji [Anger an its meaning: suggestions for self-development].

Anna Kolářová

A book titled „Anger an its meaning: suggestions for self-development“ from a well-known Jungian author Verena Kast (*1943) was published in October 2010. It is the fifth book by the author published by the Czech publishing house Portal. Professor Kast is an analyst in St. Gallen, Switzerland and lecturer and training analyst at the The C.G. Jung Institute in Curych. Until 1998 she was the president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. She is also a prolific author, since 1980 she has published more than 60 books. Analysis of emotional processes is one of her main areas of interest and publication, she also writes about fear, anxiety, and sorrow but also about hope.

(Fulltext in Czech)