The network of relationships after divorce

Xenie Uholyeva, Simona Hoskovcová


The high divorce rate and a growing number of reconstituted families made up from the remnants of divorced families change the family life not only in Czech society. After the divorce, the family develops new branches and includes new members. The variable organization and membership of the contemporary family puts great demands on the adaptability of the child. In our counselling practice, we meet a lot of children that come for problems in behavior and feelings. At the same time they experience a very difficult family situation. We have a good experience to obtain information not just from parents, but ask also the child about experiencing relationships in the family. We often use the FAST (Family System Test), which among other promotes free child narration about the life of his family. Some relational phenomena in step-families encountered in counseling, are repeated. Below we describe some of these patterns and compare them with the results of several international studies.

(Fulltext in Czech)


divorce, child adaptability, family relations, non-resident parent, resident parent


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