C. G. Jung

Jiří Šípek

The appearance of the book itself already brings to a reader a feeling that this is not a book for usual reading in his free time in public transport, waiting rooms, etc. Even the weight of the book avoids us to take it to the bed before going to sleep. While reading, it’s good to sit, preferably in chair, engrossed in ourselves and the book at the same time.
It’s a remarkable book about books and about the cognition kept in them. As a source are used libraries of C.G.Jung and Martin Bodmar, connecting in their titles knowledge and wisdom from the earliest time to present days. Sonu Shamdasani walkes through the life of C. G.Jung, mentions his most important periods and thoughts and interconnects them right with his books as an inspiration, a source and even a result of Jung’s professional research and his personal vision.

(Fulltext in Czech)