Thieves or monsters: What are Czech children afraid of?

Martin Brummer, Hana Valentová


The research is dealing with content of children‘s fear in the period between pre-school and middle school age. In the scope of a longitudinal study it focuses on the intensity of fears from predetermined objects, their change in time and differences according to the gender. The research is divided in two phases. In the first phase, the intensity of fears was investigated within 40 children from nursery schools and 39 children from second classes of primary school. In the second phase, the investigation was replicated in the same groups after two years. The study presents basic information about the forms of fear in the above-mentioned period, presents data about changes in the representation of fears in the child's mind, mentions direct intensities of fears from the individual objects and sets them into relations between current domestic and foreign literature.

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fear, worries, preschool age, primary school children, middle school age


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