Discrimination based on sexual orientation

Olga Pechová


The aim of this research was to explore the contemporary situation of discrimination based on sexual orientation in the Czech Republic. I used modified version of the questionnaire first used in the Czech Republic by Procházka, Janík, and Hromada (2003). The questionnaire has 64 items including 19 open questions. I detected that there have been no important changes in discrimination based on sexual orientation in the Czech Republic. 56 % of respondents (n=279) have experience with discrimination. In the quantitative part of the research, I analysed information given by 496 respondents, of whom 150 were lesbians, 289 gay men, 33 bisexual women and 24 bisexual men. In some areas, significantly higher rates of discrimination were reported by males, but there was no significant difference between homosexual and bisexual respondents. This study for the first time surveyed the bullying based on sexual orientation in Czech schools. I found that one third of respondents who attend secondary schools have been victims of discrimination or bullying.

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discrimination, sexual orientation, hate crimes


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