A reaction on the article "Biological families of children suggested for placing in substitute care", E-psychologie, 2010, Vol. 4, No. 1

Blanka Vildová

A contemporary trend towards overvaluation of biological family of children waiting for foster care has significant social consequences. The UN committee criticizes the Czech Republic for continuing institutionali­zation of children. The Ministry of Work and Social Affairs prepared the National action plan for transformation and unification of the care system of endangered children which was accepted by the government last year. The aim has been to decrease the number of children in institutional care; however, at the same time the standards of foster care are being set in such a way that it raises serious fears of potential increase in the number of children in institutional care in future. Immoderate emphasis on the rights of biological parents with no distinctions constitutes a severe risk for children neglected, maltreated and abused in their families.

(Fulltext in Czech)


Matějček, Z., Bubleová, V., & Kovařík, J. (1997). Pozdní následky psychické deprivace. Praha: Psychiatrické centrum Praha. ISBN 80–85121–89–1.

Sobotková, I. (2010). Biologické rodiny dětí, které jsou navrhovány do náhradní rodinné péče. E-psychologie [online]. 4 (1), 51–57 [cit. 10. 5. 2010]. Dostupný z WWW: <http://e-psycholog.eu/…obotkova.pdf>.

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