Lékařská psychologie ve zdravotnictví [Medical Psychology in the Health Care System].

Karel Balcar

This specialised monograph is a new contribution to our original textbooks of psychology of medical care (or, in a broader sense, all health care). The authors divided the topic into three parts.

The general part comprises chapters on “Holistic Care of the Patient“, Behaviour and Its Possible Changes“, ”Ethical Aspects of the Medical Profession“ and „Psychological Approach to the Patient“. No doubt such an opening section is beneficial for educating medical staff although students often regard it as „useless definitions and theories“. The authors draw reader´s attention to the psychological, philosophical and historical links of the concept of the body and its health or illness and present the bio-socio-psychological model in the contrast to the biomedical and psychosocial approach in the health care.

(Fulltext in Czech)