Mindfullness and self-compassion. The transformation of emotions in psychotherapy.

Pavel Veselský

The orientation in the current offer of literature about mindfulness might be quite complicated. Mindfulness is nowadays often discussed concept both among the public in its’ popularized form and among the researchers. Moreover it is a concept affecting various areas of human thinking and acting – not excepting psychotherapy. The book by Jan Benda focuses on the possible applications of mindfulness and self-compassion (mettá and karuná) in the psychotherapeutic context specifically, and it definitely represents a step in the right direction. Besides other things it sets self-compassion as a very important complement of mindfulness yet the part of compassion as a complement of mindfulness has been ignored in Czech environment to this days. In the therapy the self-compassion has a key role to accept the feeling which a therapist with a client may notice together.


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