EFPSA: An Association, a Big Family, a Friend

Janka Bartošová

EFPSA, the European Federation of Psychology Student’s Asso­ciation is over 20 year old mature and mostly attractive association to almost every Psychology student who has the chance/opportunity to be introduced to it! It was originally established in 1987 during the first International Congress of Psychology Students which took place in Portugal and now consists of 25 Psychology Students' Organisations of 25 European countries. Stimulated by its mission, vision and values, EFPSA attracts more and more students every year, with the number of its members increasing and so far represents approximately 250'000 Psychology Students across Europe. EFPSA is a multicultural and colourful network of European psychology students’ associations, run on a voluntary basis by and for psychology students of Europe. Its mission is to represent the needs and interests of the European psychology students, to promote the scientific cooperation and cultural exchange between them and enhance their mobility It’s aim is to be a reliable and widely acknowledged representative of the European Psychology Students, including students themselves, psychologists, institutions, and professional organizations of national and European level.
The article introduces EFPSA, it’s structure, services and ways of functioning. The second part of the article brings us a detailed report from the 23rd EFPSA congress that took place in Germany, 26th April – 3rd May 2009.

(Fulltext in Slovak)


EFPSA, psychology students, congress