Tiredness as a manifestation of depression

Jiří Berka

In my practice of clinical psychiatrist and psychotherapist I often meet patients who mention tiredness as one of their problems and many times as the major one. They almost always add that it is not a natural tiredness – they feel tired even though they realize that there is no real reason; eventually, that they are now tired after activities that did not make them tired before or that should not feel tiresome. This is probably the reason why, in most cases, they assume it is a mental condition and they seek out the care of a psychiatrist. This fact can be attributed to growing awareness in the population. It is, of course, necessary to follow appropriate medical procedures and to cooperate with other specialists in examinations in order to determine the etiology of what a patient feels as an unnatural tiredness. It is often found out that it is a combination of somatic and mental factors that influence each other. Interdisciplinary cooperation in the treatment of patients is thus also required.

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feeling of tiredness, depression